I want to continue to blog about Brighton. I am really totally in love with Brighton. When we started telling people that we would travel there, there were many who wrinkled their noses because they had heard lots of things about Brighton.

So unfortunately I had pretty low expectations when I went there, but the flick on the nose I got. Brighton is very charming and nice. And the people there are so kind. I really fell for all the beautiful houses there, the Royal Pavilion and of course the Brighton Pier. We will go back there, I know that. 
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Underbara bilder, helt underbara! :D

Svar: Tusen tack Amanda :)

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Åh vill verkligen besöka Brighton någon gång det ser så sjukt mysigt ut :D Jättefina bilder!

Svar: Tack! Dit ska du åka, det är riktigt mysigt :)


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