"Don't save it all for Christmas Day
Find a way
To give a little love everyday
Don't save it all for Christmas Day
Find your way
Cause holidays have come and gone
But love lives on
If you give on

Några rader från en favorit-jul-låt som jag har. Och jag tycker det är så viktigt, att inte bara visa kärlek och omtanke under julen. Utan att hitta ett sätt att visa sin kärlek varje dag. Även de minsta kärleksförklaringarna värmer hjärtat. Men, jag vet att mina kunder inte har några problem med att visa sin kärlek, varje dag <3
I want to continue to blog about Brighton. I am really totally in love with Brighton. When we started telling people that we would travel there, there were many who wrinkled their noses because they had heard lots of things about Brighton.

So unfortunately I had pretty low expectations when I went there, but the flick on the nose I got. Brighton is very charming and nice. And the people there are so kind. I really fell for all the beautiful houses there, the Royal Pavilion and of course the Brighton Pier. We will go back there, I know that. 
Photographer: Rebecca Hansson 
Hair: Linnea Forslund 
Wedding portraits: Central park, Brooklyn Bridge & Time Square 
Ceremony: Central park pavilion
Wedding dinner: Aquavit
Not so long ago I got the question, what inspires you? And I got to think about it for a great while, because I just think that life itself is inspiring. That we are allowed to be here. But, I wanted to answer the question in a much more not - go - inside - my - head - too - deep - kind of way. And the answer is, nature & people. I have always loved to sit on a restaurant outdoor and eat in the summer time and just watch people. What they are doing, how they touch each other and how they act. And that have always inspired me. People interest me. 

And nature. Even if going to the sea and just sit there together with my boyfriend is like my favorite thing in the whole world. I also have always liked the life of a city. And  you maybe not count nature in that, but still. Is such a beautiful thing to see a city. The buildings, the parks and the animals that actually lives there. And even if I rather would like the animals to have a place in the woods, I love to see that everything is working together. So one city that really inspires me, because it just works, is New York city. 

And why do I talk so much about inspiration? Because, when I thought about what word I wanted describe Julia & Mathias with, the first thing that came up was, inspiring. Two people, with so much love and so much positivity in their bodies can't be anything but inspiring. 

A day, that had a lot going on. They could easily have lost their way once or twice. But they never did. They always saw each other and everyone around them. And everyone felt loved, happy och varm that day. 

I personally, can't watch this pictures without crying. The love is so overwhelming.